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All of us consider our wedding day to be the most special day of our lives. There is nothing we treasure more and it is always a magical time. It is a day that you are going to want to relive time and time again, able to reminisce well into the future. Which is why there couldn’t be anything more important for you to do, than make sure every sweet moment is captured in a picture. What you need to be doing, is choosing a wedding photographer to come and record every detail in rich and lifelike images, which will be able to stay with you forever. You need a talented photographer, who you know is going to be able to recreate the life and the energy that was felt on the day. For that, you can trust our team, at Oklahoma City Photography.

Beautiful Photography 
We know just how important any wedding is. It is a day like no other, one which is so centrally focused on the love and magic shared between two people. And, that is exactly what we want to be able to capture. All of the feeling will be recorded in a beautiful set of photos, for you to always treasure. Our skillful team will apply all of their experience into creating the most effective pictures for this. Interesting camera angles, live action shots and rich detail and color; when combining all of these things, you can expect a beautiful final outcome with your photos.

Thoughtful Photographers
Our team are always grateful for being given the privilege of being able to photograph any wedding. It is an intimate and private occasion, which is why we always make sure we are showing our respect. All of our photographers are thoughtful towards the occasion, something which will become apparent in our pictures. Every angle and composition will reflect that same intimacy, with careful choices towards the taking of each image.

Wedding Service
The first and no doubt most sacred part of your wedding day, is the service itself. Walking down the aisle, reading of the vows and the exchanging of the rings; these are the priceless moments that you simply cannot miss. When you want to show your children and your children’s children how your wedding day played out, then there is nothing better you could do than have one of our photographers placed in your service. You can trust us to be sensitive and respectful as we take our photos, making sure we are capturing all of the precious moments perfectly.

Wedding Reception 
Following on from the service, your wedding reception is going to be the time where you, your family and friends all come together and celebrate. This is the part of your special day where there is fun for everyone. The music, the food and drinks, and of course, your first dance. There are going to be countless great moments which deserve to be captured and our photographers would be more than glad to do it for you.