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When the time finally comes for you to pop the big question, we know you must be feeling the nerves and the excitement, all rolled into one. It is always a special moment and one which deserves to be preserved forever. Which is why, when the perfect moment does arrive, you should always have one of our photographers by your side. Whatever special plan you have to ask your partner to marry you, we will be more than glad to play our part. So, let us know what you want to do regarding your engagement and how you want it captured in an image. You can count on our photographers to be more than accommodating, making sure they are going to be able to produce the picture that you will be able to treasure, even after your special day.

Private Engagement Photography 
Your engagement is a private affair, which is only about you and your other half. It should be nothing more than that and that is something that our team want to make sure happens. Which is why, whenever you choose to work with us for your engagement, we will make sure that we do not get in the way or cause any disruptions. You can count on us to be respectful and sensitive to all of the special details you have planned. And, however you want your pictures captured, we will be certain to have it done. In rich color and lifelike detail, all of the emotion and excitement of the day will be reproduced, in each and every image.

Your Engagement Plan 
Everyone has an idea for how they want to ask their partner to marry them. It could be a casual occasion, done at a restaurant or a nearby outdoor space. At the same time, you could have an elaborate scheme in mind, to make their dreams come true. Whatever the case, you want to make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. And, a part of that, is the way that the photography is handled. You want to make sure you have the best angles set up and any props or important items in place, so there are no unwanted surprises. Just let our team know exactly how you plan to manage the occasion and we will make sure that we are following it precisely. 

Hidden Photographer 
It is always a surprise for the unsuspecting partner, when the time finally comes to ask the question. And, when it comes to capturing engagement photos, we certainly don’t want to give away any hints. So, if you need us to be hidden out of sight and capturing angles from a distance, then we would be glad to accommodate. Let us know where we need to be and leave us to do our part, in recording the big occasion.

Engagement Party Photography 
Just as much as with the engagement itself, if you are hosting and engagement party and would like this being photographed too, we would be more than happy. Whether it is in your home or another location, we would be glad to come and capture the entire event.